Dec 25, 2013

The art of an EXPENDABLES teaser trailer!

I love art and these teasers are like art to me. Which teaser do you like best...comment below!

Have a Merry EXPENDABLES Christmas everyone!!! Go see Grudge Match and catch the new EX3 teaser on the BIG SCREEN where it is meant to be seen!


  1. I have to say The Expendables 3 Teaser is the best of the Trilogy. There is something about The Expendables 3 cast walking in formation while whistling The Bridge on the River Kwai Theme that screams BADASS!

  2. I like the voice overs for EX1 teaser, but the EX3 teaser is the most awesome of the teasers.

  3. That is Sly doing the voiceover in that EX1 teaser....

    1. I know that, and all the other actors are also saying lines from the movie when their names appear. I just think that worked well for the ex1 teaser.

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  5. I agree...all of these teaser trailers are some of the best!