Jan 27, 2012

Crews: PG-13 Is Sly

Crews doesn't seem to be willing to let go and continues with his controversial comments. It's regrettable that EX2 procedures don't do something to cool things down. This is what he had to say today on his Facebokk page:
"What's good for the film is whatever Sly wants. He created it, directed it, starred in it and is responsible for his vision of it. He saw the first one as PG-13 also, but changed his mind and went with an R. If he does the same thing here, I support him either way. Terminator 4 was a bad film at PG-13 whereas INCEPTION or Dark Knight were brilliant films at PG-13. I see it can be done, and I believe we did it."
Patrick Campbell: "Terry, you're a great guy, seriously, and I'm glad to see you come out swinging for The Expendables 2. But honestly, it's still hard to get excited over the movie with the PG-13 rating. Taking away so much of the needed bloody action and general badass moments that made the first movie work won't in the confines of a PG-13 movie. I would love to be proven wrong, and I'll still see the movie, but I can safely say that my excitement for it went down almost 70% when I heard it. I have to ask though, did you guys film anything for an R-rated/unrated cut for the blu-ray release down the line?"
Crews: "Patrick Campbell - I understand you and I feel you. All I have been saying is give EX2 a chance. I love rated R movies, and EX1 is no exception. If it works it works. If it doesn't there won't be another one, plain and simple- but you can't judge something YOU HAVEN'T SEEN. Certain people have been attacking me for saying just that, and I responded to various comments that I felt where out of line. But to a respectful fan such as yourself, I wanted to let you know that I feel your pain and I believe in my heart not one true Expendables fan will be disappointed."
This is what he had to say earlier: "I don't need anyone speaking for me regarding EX2. The "true action fans" didn't want me in the first place. Now they are acting like they made me. I never was an action star. Ever. But I stood among the best and held my own. Just like I'll stand face to face and toe to toe with anyone who feels they can vote me out. Whether you like it or not, I'm the baddest ass you are ever going to see. Period. I'm ready to die. Are you?"
I think the EX2 producers should refrain him from making any further comments, all this seems to be hurting the movie's image with fans. And I don't think it's logic to compare Inception & Batman to EX2, not sure why Crews is using this kind of analogy.


  1. Ex2 Blog, you guys are rather sad in your attitude towards Terry and this movie. I wish it was R but you are acting childish.

  2. Sorry for making you feel that way, trust me I'm the strongest supporter of EX2 and will be despite what's going on or I wouldn't be spending my time on this Blog. We didn't take Crews comments yesterday very well, we don't think what he said was fair to those who supported the movie to be what it became and gave him the opportunity to be in the sequel. That being said we'll keep reporting any news on EX2 and what Crews says on the movie is part of it, we'll drop the adversarial comments, we'll be calming down soon, we listen to fans

    1. I appreciate the news that you guys report, I just think you went a little overboard with your interpretation of Terry's comments.

      Terry wants this move to do well as does all of Sly's fans (and the other stars).

      I only ask that you be fair in your interpretation of their comments.

    2. I appreciate you've been following this blog, but I don't think we've gone overboard. Have you checked forums and fan sites discussing EX2 lately, the internet was on fire after Crews comments. Crews should stop making any more comments, he's only aggravating the situation, someone like Sly has to step in and try to cool things down, but I'm afraid it might be even too late for that...

  3. Those are completely different kinds of movies, and Simon West is no Christopher Nolan anyway.

  4. Sadly, I think you are right. It may be too late no matter what Sly does. After what EX1 established action wise, the expectation was very high for more. Sly had the chance to make the ultimate sequel that raised the bar, but he instead chose to turn on the fans for a quick cash grab. I personally think it will back fire and the movie will fail.

    The good buzz the movie was getting a couple weeks ago has now gone the opposite direction and it's become the joke movie of the week.