Jan 8, 2012

Interview: Terry Crews talks EX2

Krum from The Arnold Fans has an exclusive interview with Crews and they talked EX2. Here's the part of the interview that pertains to EX2. For the full interview you can visit The Arnold Fans.

KRUM: I am thrilled to meet you Man! I have to let you know.. I'm excited for Expendables 2! You kicked some serious ass in the first one!

CREWS: Thanks man, I really appreciate it! Yeah Expendables 2 is going to be fantastic, and everyone is returning! Sly, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Jason Statham, everyone, except Mickey Rourke.

KRUM: Why isn't he returning?

CREWS: He was in the middle of another project, I heard, and couldn't get the time. Sad man. But this film is huge! I just got back from filming in Europe, Sly is taking us around the world to tell this one!

KRUM: What's Arnold's involvement?

CREWS: Arnold is back! He and Wills both. They have bigger roles this time around. I think everybody's gonna love it! Especially the fans.

KRUM: Does working with Sly & Arnold keep you hungry for staying so built?

CREWS: Haha, thanks man, yeah, these guys both are still HUGE! They are still in great shape, and me, coming from Flint Michigan, have always looked up to those guys who have gone so far, building themselves up from nothing, and now they have everything. They worked hard. And it really does keep me going too.

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