Jan 18, 2012

Security Still Tight, Couture Out

We've been digging hard but no news or photos have been released from the set of EX2 in HK. Security is very tight around the studio and no journalist is allowed to get close. The only picture that was taken yesterday outside the studio was of the truck that brought lunch for the crew, this is how tight security is on EX2 right now.
As reported yesterday Crews has already arrived in HK.

An interview with Couture was posted on YouTube (link) in which he reveals he won't be filming in HK. Based on his schedule of post New Orleans shooting we kind of thought he wouldn't be going to HK. Once again we strongly believe that the scenes being shot in HK right now are related to Stallone/Li dialogues and particularity to the Burma mission, a good part of which was already shot in Bulgaria. So Couture's presence in HK might not have been needed but this is not necessarily an indication that he's the EX to die in the movie, although we think he's one of the most probable EX members to be a causality during the mission ordered by Church (Anatomy of the EX2 Plot, Possible Spoiler!).

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