Jan 16, 2012

New Photos Show Studio Enhances Security in HK

It's been a disappointing day in terms of news or new on set photos. Around 7 AM HK time 7 cars started arriving in the studio. Security was extremely tight and journalists were not allowed to take any pictures or get close to the studio where the crew stared filming. Around 9 AM HK time Simon West was seen arriving on the set in a white car - see picture. We have also sourced a few more pictures, one of the set, one of the gates at the studio showing the tight security around it, and 2 pictures of the cars said to be transporting Li and crew members. Unfortunately that's it for now, we were optimistically hoping for some serious stuff today but nothing got out, EX2 production doesn't seem to be willing to let anything out for now. 

Update: Crews just confirmed his arrival in HK  by tweeting the following message: " NEWS ALERT: TERRY CREWS ATTACKS HONG KONG! (Hong Kong AP) Terry Crews arrived shortly before midnight and panic ensues. FILM AT 11....!"

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