Jan 13, 2012

Li Already in HK, Stallone Due Tomorrow

Just a brief update on the HK filming: according to Chinese language news sources, Li is already in HK where he participated in a charity event. He's supposed to eat with Stallone tomorrow so we can assume that Stallone is already on his way to Asia. Li also mentioned that he's not sure if they'll be filming in Tuen Men as reported earlier. He also indicated that he had initially turned down the offer to be in EX2 but production was so sincere and willing to accommodate him to shoot in China that he ended up accepting. It was confirmed again that Lundgren would join the team but no more mention of Willis or Schwarzenegger. As we receive more info we'll update accordingly.

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  1. Excelente ojala salga Jet Li a patear varios Culos en ex2 Gracias por la informacion!!