Jan 21, 2012

Jan 21 - 11:30 PM HK Time - EX2 Filming Wrapped

Filming wrapped on EX2 as of Jan 21, it should soon enter into post-production. Li has filmed his scenes in 4 days as I reported previously so we can expect more or less the same amount of screen time for him as Willis and Schwarzenegger (the latter had also filmed for 4-5 days - see Characters Screen Time).

Crews, Lundgren were confirmed to be on set in HK. Stallone was also reported to be there but it's uncertain whether he filmed much, he must have been on set for one or two days at best. Couture did not go to HK, and it's highly probable that Hemsworth and Statham did not go either. As for Nan no info is available. There is also 90% certainty that Van Damme did not shoot any scenes as expected, he was in HK but simply for personal reasons. There were speculations in the beginning by the Chinese news sources that Schwarzenegger and Willis could also show up in HK but they did not as expected. The four days were mainly focused on Li and his fight scenes some of which were already shot in Bulgaria using his stunt double. Given the short time Stallone spent there, there might be scenes where the two have some dialogue but might not share a lot of fight scenes together (just assuming here).

That should be it for EX2 production, now it's time for some editing and post-production, let's hope they do a good job and deliver some serious results.

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