Nov 15, 2013

News about a possible EX3 teaser trailer!!!

Remember the good old days of 'stand-alone' teaser the ones for TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY or RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II or ROCKY IV....

I love those above teasers made just for the film. Nothing from those teasers were in the actual movies. The good old days! Well, the good old days might be back because word from Szoner 'JOX' is that THE EXPENDABLES 3 could have a 'stand-alone' teaser trailer in the works (and hopefully it debuts next month in December)....

"They shot a stand-alone teaser (like the good old days with Rocky IV, T2 etc...) which I hope will be really cool."


  1. Those are some classic teasers. So epic and old school.

    Can't wait for The Expendables 3 old school teaser.