Nov 22, 2011

Possible EX2 Story?

Global Arnold claims to have some minor spoilers about the story of EX2 which apparently came from an interview Dolph Lundgren gave to a Japanese reporter.

The story opens with a scene of Trench (Schwarzenegger) being rescued from captivity in Burma. After that Agent Church (Willis) forces the Expendables to go on a new mission.

Van Damme and Adkins were confirmed to be serving as the villains (this was already known) similar to Steve Austin's role in the first movie (this is rather contradictory to what was said about
Van Damme's role as the main villain).

There is also reportedly a scene with
Schwarzenegger, Willis and Norris sharing screen time together.

Filming in Bulgaria wraps next month ahead of a week of filming in China in January and maybe other locations yet to be confirmed (initially France was reported to be one of the possible locations).

Update Dec. 2011: Lundgren's interview has been published by Eiga Hiho in Japan, so the story spread by Global Arnold thru western fan sites is now confirmed. It's worth noting that it was originally reported to them by a Japanese fan site called The Legend of Chuck Norris.

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