Aug 28, 2013

The Jessica Theory (Possible Spoiler)

Jessica is a hardcore fan of the Expendables Franchise and a loyal reader of EXBlog. We are dedicating this article to her theory of EX3's plot:

"Hello to all fans of The Expendables Movie Franchise,

The main points will be Terry Crew’s character (Caesar), question about scenes, and the infamous “call time sheet”

First off, we kind of all have an idea from instagram, tweets by Crews, and the call sheet that Hale Caesar probably goes out in a blaze of glory in this next installment. Which I am sad to see happen, we may not know when it happens in the movie, and that may be the shocker.

There was a question I found interesting; it had to do with a discussion about scenes. I have worked as an extra on a TV series, and know others who have worked on movies. The scenes do go in order from Scene 1 to whenever the last scene is. A little known fact is that smaller budget movies have an average of 150 scenes total; whereas, the larger budget movies on average have from 150 to 230 maybe 235 total scenes.

So, heading toward the call sheet that we saw a glimpse of. Yes, I do agree 100% that Anonymous was right in saying in scene 151 pt 1 “Barney asks the (probably the older Expendables) team to help him and they decline. However in my opinion, I do not think that means they will not be in the movie anymore…I think they will do like they have done in the first two movies and cover and help Barney when needed. There are a lot of facts to support this…

In the synopsis, it says that Barney recruits new Expendables to throw Conrad off, and that the new and old Expendables get off of a rocky start. Plus, there have been several tweets by Rousey, Ortiz, Lundgren, and Couture before filming even started saying how much fun it will be to work with each other. Do I know this for 100%? No, but it wouldn’t be an Expendables movie without some of the main Expendables in it until the end.

Lastly, the brief peek of scene 231 pt 1 goes along with my theory. I truly believe it will be near the end if not one of the end scenes in this movie. It said Barney and his crew toast to remember Caesar. Along with knife throwing competition, new expendables tattoos…and I am going to save the last bit for the end of this article…I don’t think it would be just him and the “younger” Expendables toasting to Caesar because they would have not known him well enough to do the toast without the old crew. Also, there were sighting of Couture, Rousey, and Lutz getting prepped for a “bar scene” the other day.

Here is the last bit of juicy facts we learned from Scene 231 pt1. It said, “Barney is a proud PAPA!” Now it could be taken two ways in my point of view, either he is proud the new blood of Expendables and feels like a dad to them….OR… One of the “young bloods” could be his son or daughter he never knew about… I am taking a guess at maybe LUNA (Ronda Rousey’s character) could be his daughter since they said she has a sizeable role…. But that is just my guess…

So please, send me your guesses, thoughts, and opinions. Please be nice this is the first article/blog I ever wrote and I am SOOOO nervous.

But most of all enjoy this journey on the wild Expendables 3 ride."


  1. If I am wrong, about where scene 231 pt 1 is when the movie airs please promise not to crucify me lol

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    2. thanks... sooo do u have any thoughts? as u can see i am unsure just about one part lol and it's driving me nuts...but i am sticking with my gut that the one bar scene shouldn't be near the beginning or middle of the movie in my opinion

      And when I mean scenes are in order from Scene #1 to end scene when you see the movie in theatres, not while the actors are shooting the movie (we saw how much they jumped with shooting scenes in the sneak peek of the call sheet)

    3. I must be honest. I trust sly totally. He's the master storyteller. But killing crews to make room for wesley snipes is a kick in the stomach for me. I'm a huge crews fan. Next to statham and stallone, crews is my favorite expendable. Why did they have to kill him. This hurts man!

      crews is apart of the family. How will they meld snipes into things? i mean crews was the comic relief of the group. snipes' character has not had time to meld with the group enough.

      i always thought that crews would be in ex4 and ex5. If they do kill him..i hope he gets an epic movie death that is memorable.

      but i'm sad to see crews go. But hey...they are expendable...not everyone can survive.

      i guess they had to compare who they could kill.

      1.killing statham is big no no
      2. they already tries to kill lundgren
      3. they can't kill couture because he's the draw for the MMA crowd.
      4. they can't kill Jet Li because the chinese market is too big
      5. and they needed to make room for snipes.

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    1. Thanks Andrew,
      I'll let you know if I find anything else out

  4. I think Bruce Willis character should be the one killed off, but it would be off screen of course since he is not in this movie.

  5. I talked to a friend of mine who worked on the production crew of Independence Day. He said, "even if they shoot out of order...the scenes do go in order when watching the movie...I believe the scene 231 you had a question about Jessica will be very close to the end of the movie...As far as the casting, the characters listed on that day's set list will probably be in the majority of the scenes listed for that day."

    So, comment away if u would like. I promise my source to whom I spoke to is very reliable.