Sep 27, 2013

Dolph Lundgren On EX3

On his website, Dolph Lundgren just posted this...

"Just finished five weeks of grueling work on Expendables 3. Guns, knives, boats, planes, tanks, jeeps, explosions, choppers, fights, shootouts, you name it - major mayhem! This one will definitely be the best so far. Take Gunnar's word for it.
Back on the set next week for another go - -- stay tuned, Soldiers!"


  1. That is a pic from EX2 correct....

  2. Hopefully it has non stop action =D

  3. I absolutely believe Dolph Lundgren when he says that The Expendables 3 will be the best Expendables movie yet. Sly posted a comment on Twitter months ago saying that he believed that The Expendables 3 could be better than the much talked about and very popular recent asian action film The Raid: Redemption.