Aug 17, 2021

Early Look At The EX4 Cast

In an Instagram post from EX4’s stunt coordinator a picture on the wall seems to display the preliminary cast of EX4, and Buster Reeves also confirms back to a fan that not all members are shown here but some.

Speculating based on this picture it’s safe to say that the movie is taking the Christmas spin-off direction with Statham being top billed. Plus Megan Fox is also present most likely playing Gina. And it’s not surprising to see her as she recently played in a few DTV movies for the producers involved in this franchise. It’s interesting to see 50 Cent here who was originally Sly’s preferred actor instead of Crews for the very 1st movie. Tony Jaa speculatively attached to the movie is also present, one more reason to affirm the spin-off direction.

Finally the 5th photo is Andy Garcia’s, a totally unexpected and interesting choice! The CIA agent?

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