Jun 8, 2023

After viewing the trailer...

Now that the trailer has finally arrived, how does it affect predictions on the story and its characters?

Most noticeable was the lack of Stallone in the action. From behind the scenes photos and videos, we know he is involved in an early mission, as well as an altercation in a bar that is full of bikers. Many fans have speculated that Sly’s character Barney Ross will be killed off in this forth film of the franchise, but looking closely at the trailer, there is one quick clip that could be proof that he survives.

All three previous Expendables movies have had the team gathered at the very end, celebrating together, enjoying themselves over a few drinks. There is a scene in the trailer that shows Sly with the rest of the team (interestingly, and thankfully, minus Megan Fox). Yes, this clip could be from any point in the movie, that much is obvious. However, Sly is wearing different clothes from every other photo and video clip we have seen until now, and the fact the group are celebrating could potentially be taken from a successful finale. Or not.

The trailer shows much of the action taking place on a huge ship, which had been reported on from the very start of production. The photos and videos we have seen to date, now added with the footage in the trailer, appear to indicate that Statham will be battling Uwais in the final fight; and we don’t need to be rocket scientists to know that Statham will obviously be victorious.

The trailer doesn’t give much else away, but it does show that the new additions to the team involved in the thick of the action – hopefully proving superior than the mediocre and talentless additions we had to endure in Expendables 3.

Push come to shove, I predict the following: The Expendables go on a mission. Bad things happen. They regroup. They go to battle and win. Once again, no Expendable member dies. They celebrate in a bar. The end. Great success.


  1. I don't blame them for not recruiting many legends of the 80s and 90s. You know, they're expensive. And it's been nearly a decade since Expendables 3. Going back with the same concept as 2 (Legends only) seems like a dangerous move. In 4, apparently, they used actors who actually do action (know how to fight), even have good charisma and are much more present in the current media. Bringing in actors who haven't made movies in decades seems like a dangerous thing, even though a lot of people (myself included) would love to see the legends back. Anyway, if Stallone, Statham, Lundgren, Couture, Garcia, Uwais and Jaa are present, there is nothing to complain about. But, they could have at least kept Snipes.

  2. Barney gets kidnapped, not killed. They rescue him from the cargo ship at the end.