Sep 22, 2023

Expend4bles’ Reviews from Movie News Outlets

The Hollywood Reporter: Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone Take the Franchise to New Lows.

IGN: It’s hard to explain the extent to which Expen4bles – a pale imitation of its kick-ass good-time predecessors – is an unrelentingly disappointing movie.

Empire: A slight improvement on Expendables 3, Expend4bles still works better as character posters than a movie you have to actually sit through. To paraphrase the tag line, old blood meets new blood equals tired blood.

Collider: Jason Statham Trudges Through Dire Action Sequel. Often resembling more of a mobile game than a movie, this entry is the worst in the action franchise with plenty of cheese though no charm or craft.

Variety: A Few of the Old Boys Are Back, Now Joined by Megan Fox, but the Series’ Appeal Feels Increasingly Expendable. Statham and Stallone lead some new recruits in a sequel that's serviceable but not better than that.

JoBlo: Expend4bles is passable entertainment if taken as a B-movie, but it’s a disappointing entry into a series that never lived up to its promise.

Deadline: Jokey, Fight-Filled Last Hurrah Feels Like ‘Meg 2: Part 2’

Roger Ebert: "Expend4bles" is just an embarrassment from start to finish, and the only positive thing to say about it is that it should pretty much put a nail in the coffin of a series that has clearly overstayed its welcome. At least for another decade.

DigitalSpy: Expendables sequel takes too long to enjoy itself.

The Review Geek: The most Expendable film in the franchise. The Weakest Movie in the Franchise.
SlashFilm: A Staggeringly Stupid Sequel.
The Wrap: The Latest Installment of the Action Series Is Dull and Tasteless. 

IndieWire: The Rare Hollywood Sequel That’s Perfectly at Peace with Being This Stupid. 

WGTC: Despite a return to R-rated carnage, ‘EXPEND4BLES’ creaks even louder than the joints of its aging action heroes.

Movie Nation: “Expend4bles” isn’t exactly a keeper.

Inverse: Expend4bles is the Most Pointless Sequel Ever — And One of the Worst Movies of the Year.

FlickDirect: Excellent fight scenes, lots of guns, massive explosions, and some truly horrific and gory kills including a decapitation you never see coming.

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  1. GET CARTER is at 11%, EYE SEE YOU (D-TOX) at 18% , and RAMBO: LAST BLOOD at 26%. And I like these movies a lot. LAST BLOOD I love!