Nov 20, 2011

EX2 Artwork Poster

This is the first semi-official Poster of The EX2 (Expendables 2) that was exclusively reported by a movie website called JoBlo on Nov 18, 2011.

Very quickly other movie websites followed by reporting the news. A few hours later some of those websites were asked by Millennium Films (the production company) to remove the poster from their sites. Millennium claimed that the poster was a forgery and could damage their product. JoBlo has nevertheless kept it on their website.

Later on Dolph Lundgren posted the poster on his Facebook stating that it was only an artwork. Terry Crews also posted it on his Facebook but when told by a fan that Millennium was asking websites to remove it, responded that the poster was "still cool"! Did the actors know about the poster?

The whole thing looked like as if the poster had leaked and Millennium was trying to cover it up, or some even say that it was leaked on purpose to gauge fans opinion. And Fans did overwhelmingly welcome the poster and it was greatly received by almost all.

Was this a marketing coup or simply a gaffe? Time will tell...

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