Dec 6, 2011

JCVD New Pictures

I was going through some of the fan sites and it looks like people are getting bored by the lack of exciting news and official stills releases from EX2. Everyone is wondering why the EX2 production is not releasing more exciting stuff like they used to for the first movie. I have to agree that the excitement is starting to fizzle out and we need more material here specially around the holiday season.

Any way if this could be of any consolation, 2 new set pictures of Van Damme have surfaced, one with his dog (wow, high dose of excitement), and the other one with Sly's stunt where Van Damme seems to have taken a serious beating by Sly? (I'm assuming this was while they were filming the final fight between JCVD & Sly), much more exciting than the dog picture (BTW his name is Scarface), here they are...thanks VanDammeFanz & the guys who post comments on Patrick's website.

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