Dec 12, 2011

Lubo & The Expendables

We found a bunch of new pictures of Lubo (Lyubomir Simeonov) with the Expendables. We don't know if he has any role in EX2. For those who don't know him, he's a Bulgarian mixed martial artist AKA The Hammer or The Rower. Given that he's of Bulgarian descent he could have been in Bulgaria during the filming of EX2 and simply stopped by to say hello to the team. It'd be cool if he played a role in the movie, we'll find out soon...


  1. I think Lubo is in the movie. The pictures show him wearing several outfits, which indicates he was on set for more than one day. He'd make a great opponent for Dolph!

  2. Espero ver a Van Damme en la tercera parte, es muy bueno en lo que hace.

  3. He was in the bar scene. He gets punched by Stalin's and stagnant at the same time