Dec 12, 2011

Stallone chez le dentiste

To post or not to post. This is the question I asked my friend "EX2 Blogman" (the founder of EX2 Blog) when a few pictures of Stallone visiting a dentist in Bulgaria came out a couple of days ago. The blog has one policy, only post material that is directly related to the EX2 movie, cast or plot. No fan made stuff, no pictures of stunts or actors outside the frame of the movie (partying in clubs, doctor visits, pushing weights, etc). So the question was: is the dentist stuff EX2 material? It turns out it was.

In fact, everything started with an accident during the shooting. Stallone fell on his upper tooth and a serious aesthetic problem threatened the shooting as the only alternative he thought of in the first place was to urgently return to the US. But then some Bulgarian businesswoman put him in touch with a reputable local dental clinic where she is a patient. She advised him to at least go and take a look at the clinic. After two preliminary visits he fully trusted the Bulgarian specialists and had his tooth done. And EX2 shooting was not delayed! So here are some pictures of Stallone with the Bulgarian heroes who saved the movie from any further delay. Vive les dentistes bulgares...

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  1. The Entertainment Tonight footage will be on tomorrow night.Just watched it and they had a small preview of it with Willis, JCVD in sunglasses holding a knife, Statham behind a 50 cal machine gun in a vehicle and Stallone but it was very brief. The logo is a skull with two knives going into the eye sockets to form roman numerals II