Mar 18, 2012

EX2 "R"?

According to Stallonezone EX2 will be rated R, and the confirmation seems to come from Stallone himself: “After taking in all the odd rumors and hearsay, EXPENDABLES II is an R.” 

If true this is great news! But after all the claims & confirmation by Norris, Crews and Stallone himself that this movie was going to be PG-13, this is an odd revelation coming suddenly from Sly after months of silence.

Although I'm impatient to celebrate this news I still would like to wait for it to be more firmly confirmed. Stallonezone is usually a reliable source but their position and actions over the PG-13 controversy have been more than questionable.

I hope it's true, but let's wait a little more to be sure before we come back and cry victory. We have been silent for 2 months to protest, so we can wait a couple of days longer...


  1. Of course it's true. Craig Zablo of the Stallonezone only posts true and confirmed stuff. He has that statement directly from Stallone !!

  2. stallone is in contact with mr zablo he runs and when he posts that then it is true ;)

  3. it does seem a little strange that Stallone cited "odd rumors and hearsay" after being the one to confirm the PG-13 rating in the first place!

    1. He was probably referring to all the people calling him a sellout and saying he didn't care about the fans anymore.

  4. while the message boards @ the zone were apathetic about the rating (in regards to the veteran posters) this is absolutely confirm-able. Craig Zablo himself posted if he could have it his way the movie would be "R" and now we see that hope realized. I'm merely posting to let you guys know you can believe this information. I'm all psyched up again for EX 2