Jul 31, 2013

Cage Expendable or Not? The EX3 Question!

I'm sure everyone is fed up by now, is this Cage guy in EX3 or not? The EX3 team, from Lerner, the CEO of Lionsgate to Stallone, keeps confirming him but for some very strange reason Cage keeps insisting that he won't be in the movie.

Today again there are 2 contradictory announcements. On one hand the official Expendables Facebook confirmed that Cage was Expendable, on the other hand the movie website I Am Rogue published an exclusive interview with Cage in which he firmly confirms once again that he won't be in EX3. This is becoming ridiculous...

The main cast is confirmed and ready to fly to Bulgaria in a couple of weeks or so, so why this mascarade?! Patience is a virtue but it has its own limits too...

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