Aug 12, 2013

Li Confirmed & Stallone Landed in Bulgaria

As we are approaching the production start date of EX3, things will start to go fast and it's going to be hard to keep up. Here's some news...

Boaz Davidson (executive producer for EX3) posted this on his Facebook yesterday:

"7 Days To Kick Off



The earth will rumble!!!"

This confirms Li but raises some doubts about Chan, Jovovich, Rourke & Seagal! We'll find out soon.

Stallone has landed in Bulgaria and here's a picture of him arriving at the airport. Interesting to note that he does not wear any facial hair as opposed to last time when he landed in Bulgaria for EX2 with his goatee. Stay tuned many more pictures to come out soon.


  1. Personally I'm not satisfied with this cast yet. It needs Either SEAGAL or Chan, OR both CHAN & SEAGAL!! It's like they are trying to make a mense for not getting them by adding people like Gibson and Banderas. Gibson is fine, but Banderas, NO!! You cant replace the expectations of SEAGAL and CHAN with people like Gibson and Banderas. If neither SEAGAL or CHAN is in I'm going to extremely disappointed, and strongly consider boycutting the movie for a Cinema screening.

  2. Glad to see Li and Crews confirmed. They got to keep the originals, but I'd have to agree with Casey. I want Seagal and Chan in this real bad. They're the two essentials left that have no yet been in the franchise. To have only one is disappointing. To have both missing is like getting hit with a sledgehammer. On a side note, Jovovich is seeming unlikely as it appears she's going to start filming Cymbeline in August per

  3. Espero ver chan,seagal e cage nesse filme,caso contrario sera uma grande decepção com sly ,há quase um ano prometendo um cast jamais visto no cinema e agora vem com um cast todo diferente e desfalcado ? Veremos.