Aug 23, 2013

Photos of Ford Arriving in Bulgaria

A few photos of Ford have been published on a Bulgarian website while he was arriving at the airport in Sofia. The website also reports the following (Google Translation):

"Sofia. Hollywood star Harrison Ford landed at Sofia airport. Just 22, 40 hours, he arrived on a flight from Munich to "Lufthansa." Actor first came to Bulgaria to participate in the filming of the action thriller "The Expendables 3". Was greeted by Les Weldon, one of the producers of the production.

The star appeared visibly tired at the airport, but it was elegant as always, wearing a jacket and shirt. It seemed almost as fans remember him from memorable films, "Indiana Jones" and "The Fugitive." All he issued his age, had his grizzled hair.

Ford, who was traveling alone, without bodyguards, came up with a suitcase. Answered with "no", "do not know" and "I'm here to do my job" to journalists' questions. Did not and give autographs if his fans were not pressed. Scoring twice and took off with a shiny Audi to Grand Hotel Sofia, where he will be housed in a sleek apartment.Harrison joined in the final stages of negotiations on the casting of "The Expendables 3." His role in the action is not yet clear."