Aug 14, 2013

The Chan, Cage, Jovovich Confusion

After one of the producers of EX3 made an announcement of the cast on his Facebook page, the internet has gone crazy over the absence of Chan, Cage, Jovovich, Rourke & Seagal from the list. Many movie news websites have even drawn the conclusion that the foregoing actors are not going to appear in the movie.

Let me put things in perspective. Nothing is set in stone and any of those actors could be in the movie. As a matter of fact, the participation of Chan, Rourke & Jovovich is very strong so don't count them out yet because a producer didn't list them on his Facebook page. The cast will not be announced before EX3 is well into production after August 19, so stay tuned, you may get surprised! 


  1. 前田敦子 画像 北海道でほこたての収録今やっているらしいよ

  2. Personally, I'm definetely sure Chan is in. Im' not sure about Seagal though.

  3. The casting is set, there is no more room available for the others, deal with it