Sep 2, 2013

Banderas Lands in Bulgaria

Looks like Antonio Banderas has finally arrived in Bulgaria, according to this article. With Li having just arrived, looks like only Gibson is the only main cast member still missing. Hopefully he arrives any day now.

The first part of the article is translated as:

"Only in PIK! Antonio Banderas landed in Sofia, remains only for a day (photos)
I'm the youngest in the "Expendables 3," joked the star

Antonio Banderas arrived that night at Sofia airport and told reporters that he remains in a day here. He joined the actor constellation resident in Bulgaria for several weeks for the filming of the action thriller "The Expendables 3" (The Expendables 3)"

Uh, remains in a day here? Poor translation, I assume. He surely won't be filming for just 1 day, I hope.


  1. So awesome, my mom said she would actually go see this in theatre's because of Banderas lol