Sep 21, 2013

EX3 Hemus Highway Details

To add on Andrew's post, the article states:

Sylvester Stallone and his invincible company will block the "Hemus" highway on Saturday. Live action movie will be able to watch the passing in between viaduct "Bebresh" and tunnel "Hot Dol" from 8 to 19 pm today. Familiar with the script warn motorists to pass with caution because pukotevitsite and stunts. Filming of the third series of "The Expendables" will pull traffic and it will be two-way only in the left lane on the bridge and on the left tunnel tube, according to "Standard".

From the 27th to the 32nd kilometer cars will go to New York just in overtaking lane and towards Sofia - in emergency and active. In 5300 lev is relieved by "Nu Boyana Films" for the rent of the five-kilometer stretch of highway


  1. That location looks COOL as HELL!

    1. Sure does...some cool overhead shots from a chopper camera.