Nov 24, 2021

Couture Filming For Another 10 Days

His character was Initially thought to be killed in EX4 in the opening scene, Couture is still filming for another 10 days! He seems to be an integral part of the movie actually. Statham already left production 5 days ago. Couture is staying longer in Greece to shoot scenes with Lundgren who arrived much later on set, and then moving to Bulgaria together for a week to finish things off. 

This movie is starting to look like a piecemeal. Sly shot his scenes almost 2 months ago in London with the new Expendables team. It's more and more looking like that Sly actually and somehow plays a role in the final scene that has being shooting in Greece. Production moving back to Bulgaria to shoot scenes with Lundgren & Couture, a lot of back and forth going on.


  1. I think you're right that Stallone will probably be sprinkled throughout the film. I think you're right that Barney gets captured at the beginning and we cut back to him in one room (filmed in London) and then he helps out in the final battle at the end.

    Expect to see a lot of Stallone body doubles to pad out his screen time and make him look like he was there more than he was (but hey if it works to create the illusion then cool)

  2. I think rather than be captured, Barney will come to the rescue at the end.

    1. that is also a very strong possibility

  3. As he says he's not done with the franchise yet, maybe he'll show up at the end to set the stage for a possible Expendables 5 with him starring in a supporting role in Statham or as an advisor (like Rourke)