Sep 30, 2013

How Gibson Got In Shape

After that earlier USA article about Gibson, comes a more detailed one about his workouts. It says:

When Mel Gibson was spotted walking out of a Malibu gym last month showing some serious pipes, the internet went nuts.

Many were impressed that the 57-year-old actor/director could get that fit. Others speculated that Gibson needed steroid help to get into shape at his age.

Gibson insisted in a USA TODAY interview that the results are all natural.

"That's just hard work, dude," Gibson said, before laughing off the steroid claim. "Have you seen the side-effects of some of that crap? Forget it, that's too scary."

"Some people say, 'It's inconceivable, how can he do that?' Well I have always had that body type to do that," Gibson added.

Gibson said he had been working out extensively for three months prior to being captured by the photographer. He works with a personal trainer three times a week for three-hour sessions working every muscle group. This along with careful diet and natural supplements has given him the look, he said.

He has also cut out foods like pasta, sugar and potatoes and replaced them with items like green vegetables and fish. "It's kind of boring," he said.

The gym work is the most extensive he has ever done.

"I have never worked out three times a week in my entire life," he said. "It's kind of getting rid of the middle-aged tire and sort of promoting circulation, aerobic exercise and blood flow circulation, stuff like that. I have been working really hard at it."

Gibson said the workouts, featuring light weights and cardio, are not overly painful ("I'm used to it now. It's not sore at all"). And they have helped him feel better.
"It's actually helped. My lower back feels better. All of that stuff," said Gibson who insisted he hasn't bulked up or lost weight.

"My weight has stayed exactly the same, except my pants fit," he said.

All of this will come in handy playing villain Conrad Stonebanks in The Expendables 3, now shooting in Bulgaria. Gibson said he won't he be ripping his shirt off in the movie and that he's not in co-star Sylvester Stallone's body universe.

"He's got it down to a real science. I don't think I am in that league," said Gibson. "I just want Sly to look good. And he's not going to look good if he's beating up a fat old man."


  1. Mel Gibson's Expendables 3 character Conrad Stonebacks will be the greatest ever villain in the Expendables movie franchise for sure. Mel is in phenomenal shape and he's a great actor too and he will bring so much rage, intensity and aggression into his Expendables 3 role.

  2. Jovovich is still on IMDB although not reliable, IMDB is quite accurate when movies are in production. I think she might have a surprise cameo, and Chan too. EX3 is pulling the same trick than FF6 did with Statham


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