Sep 21, 2013

More EX3 Updates

Hey EX3 Fans! A few more things today. First we have an EX3 news report, talking about the cast and Crews talking a bit about it. Funny how he is asked about working with Gibson, but we all know Gibson hasn't filmed a single frame yet and Crews has finished his filming.

The Expendables 3 Adds Kelsey Grammer & Terry... by GaMeFORGaMeRz-BACKUP

Looks like Dolph is done filming EX3, at least for now. His Whosay page says "The Swedish big fist, on his way back to Cape Town for more work on SAF3"

And a few more various set pics that I am late in posting.

Lastly, check out Arnold, as he was back at Muscle Beach, in Venice, CA. Look at his arms! Impressive.....

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