Sep 1, 2013


We all LOVE the first two EXPENDABLES movies and cannot wait for more with EX3. Now, we know what went on behind-the-scenes with THE EXPENDABLES and THE EXPENDABLES 2. Both were shot as 'R' with a 'PG-13' cut made as well. You see, Avi Lerner is a producer and he thinks and acts like one. He is the one who foots the bill for these action extravaganzas. He gave Sly 80 million to spend on EX1 and for EX2 he bumped up the budget to 100 million. As a producer he wants a return on investment (understandable) and this is why he has 'PG-13' cuts made for these films...which is WRONG! Let me explain...

The fact that this franchise pays homage to 80's and 90's action films spells only one true rating and that is a HARD "R". Having the biggest action stars of all time in one film series does not a PG-13 movie(s) make. I mean come on, these are the guys who started the action genre...these cinematic icons made FIRST BLOOD, THE TERMINATOR, DIE HARD, LETHAL WEAPON, HARD TARGET, BLADE, THE PUNISHER, LONE WOLF MCQUADE, PATRIOT GAMES etc. Where in that line-up of films does it scream "family friendly" or for "young kids".

THE EXPENDABLES 2 almost got a 'PG-13' for all the wrong reasons, but the fans spoke out and the studio and Sly heard the cries and we got our 'R' rating. But this cannot happen again!!!

With THE EXPENDABLES 3 there should be no 'PG-13' cut made at all. It should be shot as an 'R' and 'R' only. We have Mel friggin Gibson as the main bad guy. He needs to go "MAD-MEL" on the expendables and make us hate him real good. And the retribution the expendables are going to have against him should be an "UNLEASH HOLY HELL" for what he has done. No holding back! This franchise is already established and with WORLDWIDE numbers like 274 million for the first film and 312 million for the second film there is no doubt fans are ready and waiting for the best one yet, the biggest one yet and the bloodiest one yet.
THE EXPENDABLES 3 needs to be rated 'R'!


  1. Great post! Yes, I wanna see exploding heads, F-bombs and boobies.

  2. I agree completely. The thing is, it's obvious they never shot an R-rated version of The Expendables 2. There was no R-rated ,language in it, and the blood/gore was AGAIN some crappy cgi. What happened to old school blood squibs? Come on! We want things that look REAL! And, we also want appropriately placed F-bombs. I don't think we have to have nudity though. Most great action movies never had nudity, or had very little of it.

    The Expendables 3 needs to be a HARD R, period!