Jan 11, 2014

More Indication that Sly Might Quit Action

Back in November 2013 Stallone hinted at eventually retiring from Action Movies and the EX franchise (article here) which raised a lot of questions in the fans minds. Yesterday again he told U.K. talk show host Graham Norton, "I'm trying to avoid going to the gym. I ended up doing a lot of action films and you have to be in shape. I swear I was in the gym so often that if I'd had another daughter I would have called her Barbella! I figure at a certain age you get clogged arteries and you drop dead happy."

I'm starting to think he's really serious about quitting the action genre and that his participation in EX4 might be compromised. I for one won't be interested in an EX4 without Stallone...


  1. HA! Not buying any of it. Sly will always be in the gym. And he'll still make action movies, but may use more stunt doubles.

  2. I don't think the above is any indication at all about him not making anymore action movies. Although I think it will stop once he hits 70 years old.