Mar 17, 2019

Stallone in Tunisia to scout for EX4?!

A Tunisian news outlet has reported today that Stallone & Lundgren will be soon coming to their country to scout locations for the filming of EX4. The reliability of the news is obviously questionable but could also be true, timing is in line with previous reports of an April production start date. Here's the translation of the article pertaining to EX4.

The two world stars will enjoy their stay in southern Tunisia to scout locations for their film "The Expendables 4".

Taking advantage of his friendship with the great Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren, the world champion of Karate, Sadok Kouka, took the initiative to invite his childhood friend for the third time to Tunisia.
"Dolph has been my friend for 25 years...

"It's official, then, these two sacred monsters of the American cinema will be, on March 25, in Kantaoui for two days, before moving to Tozeur to scout filming locations " said Sadok Kouka.

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