Aug 6, 2021

EX4 Confirmed With A Reduced Cast Formula

After Sly teased the production of EX4 with his new ring, it was a matter of time before we heard from Couture. In an interview posted today, Couture confirms the shooting of EX4 in Europe starting in October and gives details about the cast. Sly, Statham, Lundgren, Banderas, Snipes and Couture are back. 

The EX2-3 formula of a larger than life cast is being dropped, and we're going back to the basics with a reduced cast of the Expendables, minus Li & Crews, plus Banderas & Snipes. Willis will not be back, that ship has sailed according to Randy. No mention of Arnold either. EX1 did have a more reduced cast than its sequels but still offered some amazing cameos from Willis, Arnold & Rourke; it sounds like we're not getting any of that! 

Couture doesn't go into the details of the villain, but let's hope that we get a strong one. Cameos could still happen as many of those decisions and negotiations happen right before or at the start of the production in movies like The Expendables. I have a feeling more news is going to start to flow soon...


  1. I really hope Schwarzy will be there. Besides, he said he wouldn't be in a 4th if Stallone wasn't there. So if Sly does he will be there !!

  2. I think he'll be there. His meeting with Sly not long ago and him being in Europe in October together with Sly are no coincidence

    1. Completely yes. Because without Schwarzy it wouldn't have the same flavor.

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