Aug 7, 2021

Russell in EX4?

In a tweet G. Poirier who initially wrote the EX4 script a couple of years ago says he wrote a part for Kurt Russell! 

For those who might still remember Poirier was the initial script writer of EX4 when the movie was supposed to be made back in 2018. His script was ready and waiting for production to kick off but that never happened. Couture also mentioned in one of his past interviews that he had read a script a couple of years ago but now producers have decided to go with a new one. 

Whether the new script or its  updated version was still penciled by Poirier remains to be seen. But if that is the case and the character that Poirier wrote finds its way into the movie then it’d be super exciting to see Russell in EX4 in a "Snake" like role. 

As much as I’d like to keep my hopes high, the chances of Russell accepting to be in EX4 are very low and producers might have already written off the character in the new version of the script. Let’s cross fingers…

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  1. it would be great to have it. Like another name I dream of ... including Dwayne Johnson !