Oct 6, 2021

More Details on the Greek Production of EX4

The Greek media is getting more excited by the prospect of hosting a major part of the EX4 production. Here’s a new article that is now going around in the local media, with more details on the production schedule. Worth noting that once again the Greek officials mention that most of the cast will be there but not all of them! Here’s the Google translation:

The shooting of the new Hollywood movie ‘Expendables 4’ will start on October 30 in Thessaloniki, as announced after their meeting by the Governor of Central Macedonia Apostolos Tzitzikostas and the producer of Millennium Media Rob Van Norden.

Messrs. Tzitzikostas and Van Norden discussed at the headquarters of the Region of Central Macedonia, in the presence of representatives of the Hollywood production company and the Film Office of the Region, the preparations for the shooting of the film "Expendables 4".

After the meeting, Mr. Tzitzikostas pointed out that "the second major Hollywood film production, which will take place in Thessaloniki, will bring to the city many old and new Hollywood stars, big names in world cinema, who will stand out for another our region and the possibilities that Central Macedonia has to star in the world map of audiovisual producers. After all, we had set this goal as the administration of the Region and we see with satisfaction that it is being done ".

The information given by Mr. Tzitzikostas about the film is the following:

-Budget for the shooting that will take place in Central Macedonia - 19 million euros.

-50% of the film will be shot in Thessaloniki.

The shooting will take about 30 calendar days.

-Hundreds of new jobs will be created in all sectors (actors, construction workers, catering, etc.).

-The shooting will take place mainly in the area where the studios of Millennium Media will be built in Thermi, but also in some controlled areas.

-There will be no shooting in public places and therefore there will be no inconvenience to the citizens.

-Almost all the protagonists of the movie ‘Expendables 4’ will take part in the shooting in Thessaloniki.

"With the good cooperation that we have built between the Region of Central Macedonia and the Film Office with the Hollywood and other international audiovisual production companies, we accept that Central Macedonia is a hospitable region and Greece now with the legal framework that has a hospitable country for the shooting of such great producers. I would like to thank the company MillenniumMedia for the excellent cooperation, but also the Army, the Police and the Fire Brigade, which contribute significantly to the implementation of this production, as well as all the public services involved, which support this great effort. We have managed after hard work and effort to make the people of the largest film and television production companies in the world trust us, to believe in the prospects of Central Macedonia and to put our region for good on the world map of audiovisual producers and will let's continue ", stressed Mr. Tzitzikostas.

The Regional Governor even announced that "very soon we will have equally good announcements for new films that will be shot in our area".

On his part, Mr. VanNorden thanked Mr. Tzitzikostas, the Film Office of the Region of Central Macedonia, but also all the services involved for the excellent cooperation and assistance they offered for the shooting of the first film, starring Antonio Banderas, but and for the excellent collaboration in the new film production.

As the American producer stated: "In Greece we have found effective partners for this project and we hope that we will be able to do it again and again in the future. We came here because of the first film we shot in Thessaloniki and we are very happy for its success, but also for the excellent cooperation we had with all the institutions in Central Macedonia. We made a very beautiful movie, which I can't wait to see in cinemas for everyone to see. Our initial thought was not to include Greece in the second film, but after the successful completion of the shooting of the first, we changed our mind. We have many plans for the future and we hope that we will announce the shooting of another new film in Thessaloniki very soon ".

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