Dec 7, 2021

50 Cent By Statham

Statham posted these photos on his IG account.


  1. In the second pic it almost seems like Couture and Statham look at him with disgust because they dont like him, haha!

    I know I would.. he seems like an arrogant prick. Very different attitude than the other Expendables actora.

    But ofcourse I am not there and maybe they get along great and he is actually a very chill nice laidback dude at set.

    1. Arrogance or not, what matters is the acting. If it plays well and makes the movie that has a bunch of new non-legends (with the exception Garcia) look like a real Expendables movie, that's fine.

      He has appeared many times on top of tanks and is buffed. Maybe he's the team's new heavy weapons specialist? Or another CIA agent assigned to accompany the team? The film suffers a little bit without Crews :(