Sep 24, 2023

EX4 - Box Office Update





  1. Domestic (US) will be predictably weak, but it's not fairing too poorly worldwide and still has a number of territories to open in. The Expendables movies typically make most of their money internationally.

    1. It's over for the franchise. About half of it's international gross came from China, where it bombed .

      So many delsuiional, blind fanboys post here lol. Expect to see many crappy DTV Expendables sequels. That's where this crap franchise belongs.

    2. You ain't wrong, but you cannot blame some people here for holding out hope and trying to stay positive... you know, this is a fan site after all. What you see as delusional, blind fanboys of a crap franchise are just fans speaking out their thoughts at a site that was made as a place for them, so, no offense, chill out a bit maybe? :P

    3. Exactly. We are just hoping that all the best happens for the franchise at a time of such difficulty. We are fans.

    4. "So many delusional blind fanboys post here"

      Wait, you mean Expendables fans predominantly post on an Expendables blog? Go figure. I can't tell if you're very young or just a total asshole, but you're the only one acting blind around here. Every post you're shitting on everyone who doesn't go on hostile rants like yourself. Zero fans are delusional about the box office returns or future of this franchise, you just have nothing better to do with your time.

    5. Fuck you retard and fuck this garbage franchise.

  2. Sad.

    Y'know how to save this franchise... give it back to Sly. Dump Lerner, make Sly do his thing, have Sly co-write and direct and have him make a movie like the first one, same vibe and style (except better directed action), with the classic rock music and macho tough guy style and have The Expendables be these kind of biker gang mercenaries again... and then just raise the budget and add some actual awesome actors. Don't look at Fast and Furious etc for inspiration but look at the classic western movies (magnificent seven, Unforgiven etc), look at the 80's action movies... Stick to what made us love this franchise when it started. Then some amazing action scenes and new locations like snowy mountains, jungle etc
    What cannot miss is a opening action scene like EX2 had, which was great as an opening... I think this could be a perfect final attempt for this franchise to strike gold.