Aug 20, 2013

New Location Pic

Jeff here,

Elrey needed some help, so I will do my best to keep us all updated on any set pics and news leaks from the EX3 production.

A new pic has surfaced, and we can clearly see what looks like Somalian pirates on the seaport location.

Also, a Bulgarian news report has said the following (poorly translated, of course!):

"Fresh coastal fish Bulgarian wines and cuisine most often order Sylvester Stallone and his colleagues from "The Expendables 3" of the sea.

Getting in the holiday club "Riviera" where stays the production team arrive two Hollywood actors. Wesley Snipes and Terry Crews, who participated in the previous two parts of the action, stay on Saturday. Other colleagues - Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Dolph Lundgren arrive there a day later.

They have very different requirements from other guests in the club - they want every day in their room to have a variety of fruits and mineral water. But not expensive, and foreign and Bulgarian. They do not want to have guards in front of every room and even bring their own fitness equipment. Total production of 110 people are accommodated in "Riviera".

Like everyone else, and Stallone and his fellow dinner at the resort, without wanting to be separated from other guests. They do it late at night, but not to avoid about other people's attention, because they work late.

On Sunday night, sitting at the bar three hours, and talk, and early yesterday morning to leave the set of the shipyard in Varna.

Hollywood stars and enjoy 24-hour room service. Each of them being friendly, but none of the staff did not bother them for autographs or photos.

Stallone, Snipes, Statham, Lundgren and Crews are only around the star cast who will work on the sea. The "Riviera" and the team they will remain until 24 August, the newspaper "24 hours".

The "Expendables 3" will involve more famous actors. These include Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas, Arnold Schwarzenegger. They are also expected to arrive in Bulgaria, and the work on the film will take 3 months."

Glad to hear that no one is acting like divas on set or around the hotel. We all know the Wesley Snipes stories of him on the set of the Blade movies. Hopefully, prison straightened him out. Still no word on when Jet Li arrives. I certainly hope he is not only in another cameo again.


  1. Why no mention of couture? He is there filming with them?

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  3. Jessica, Couture is there, but no word of him yet. Security is very tight on set. He is lower profile than Stallone, Gibson, Arnold, etc.

  4. Jeff B, I do have a ? Just b/c an actor may be filming 2 out of the 3 months doesn't mean that somethong happens to their character does it? I just ask b/c Statham om ly films till sometime in September, Dolph is missing September but coming back in October and Couture said he's filming in Bulgaria for 2 months.

  5. Jessica, no. It is very difficult to make a film like this. You have 10 big-time movie stars, many of whom have busy movie schedules. Statham only films for a month a believe at most. Then he immediately starts Fast 7 filming. They have to accommodate the actor's schedules. It is hard to gauge how much screen time an actor will have by his film schedule. Remember in the first Exp, Couture and Crews were really only in the open and at the very end. So many characters, not everyone gets as much screen time.

  6. I hope Jet Li gets some decent screen time in this. I think Li might come in with Ford? Just a hunch. Can't wait to see Li and Gibson in a picture together. Going to be a Lethal Weapon 4 reunion!