Sep 5, 2013

The Official EX3 Poster

The Millennium Films website now has an EX3 poster up. It's a little underwhelming, but I guess it's just a web teaser. Notice the Harrison Harrison Ford! Did an intern make this? LOL


  1. I think this isn't really an official poster but just a temp poster simply made for filling up the poster space until a good one is designed.
    Just my 2 cents. So this post should be taken down to avoid confusion and rage from fans.

    1. Yeah, looks like their trying to fool us again.

    2. It is on the Millennium Films EX3 page. It is official until they come out with a better one. I don't like it either. Send an email to them and complain.

    3. I disagree. An official poster Becomes official only if it is announced. Just because someone barged into Millennium's web site and saw that image being used, they claim that its official.

      Some studios simply put images just to fill up space. That's about it.

      This is a bad publicity for EX3 and should never be reported. I am surprised that another latest update is again about this poster and later on major sites are going to pick it up and fans are going to get rage with this. Anything which bad about this movie, if it is not made public yet, should remain undisclosed. Just my humble opinion.

  2. u mad mirin merlin?!