Aug 5, 2013

Couture Confirmed, Lundgren Getting Ready

Couture, via Twitter, confirmed to Ortiz that he was looking forward to working with him in EX3. To which Ortiz replied that he'd see him soon on set. We already knew that Couture was in but to hear it from him makes it more official. The twitting between the 2 men also confirms once again that filiming is to start soon!

Also via Twitter, Lundgren posted a picture of himself training hard on the beach of  Marina del Rey, CA. Does this mean that he's back from South Africa and getting ready to join the production of EX3 in Bulgaria? Early reports indcated that he would only be able to go to Bulgaria in September as his schedule was tight to finish his new series that was shooting in South Africa. He might have been able to cordinate between the 2 projects.

Production date is getting close so stay tuned for more news...

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